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Originally Posted by CruisinGA View Post
I would leave the batteries in the boat, but there is no easy power for me to use in the storage facility.

For just maintaining a fully charged battery, I didn't think more current would be important, which is why I asked. I have a standard "dumb" battery charger.

Do you use one battery tender for more than one battery? Seems like if one battery became discharged more than the other, you could end up overcharging one.
I would definitely use a float charger, thereby eliminating the potential for overcharging. I use one charger per battery. I have 6 different batteries I "maintain" over the winter. All are connected to 1.5 amp float chargers. For many years I used the Schumacher maintainer, lately I've been switching over to either the Battery Tender Plus and the Battery Tender Junior.
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