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Drain bolts in or out; Teflon or sealant liquid

For those of us who store "dry blocked":

So I'm curious who leaves there drain plugs in or out.

and if you use Teflon (tape?) for a sealant liquid.

So it is my understanding that the threads will rust less if you store with the drain bolts in place. Also I use Aviation Form-a-Gasket from Permatex. It does not harden and I've never had a drain plug freeze in place on me. It coats the threads so it will inhibit rust (my thoughts). I see people mention using teflon tape for their drain plugs and I don't understand what the advantage of doing so (other than a little less mess).

My boat is in a garage that also contains the house heater and hot water heater, in an area not prone to freezing. So I'm not horribly worried about a little water that might have been missed when winterizing. I would not think this to be a concern anyways if you drain correctly.

Let another off season debate begin...
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