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Originally Posted by JimN View Post
Treating PTSD by going to a range is a lot like the old saying "get back on the horse that threw ya" but not all cases are the same. I'm obviously not an expert but some of the guys in the same bomb group with my dad seemed to do pretty well after being shot down over Germany and spending time in prison camps. Some didn't. Back then, they just called it "battle fatigue" and "shell shock".

I have to think that there are better ways to deal with this, but considering the lack of funding and respect for the Veterans by most in Washington, I don't see any major improvements in helping our soldiers transition to civilian life unless more volunteer groups are formed.

PTSD is recogonized and services are available -
The VA also provides mental health care for veterans and encourages all veterans to seek treatment for PTSD. Treatment can work, and early treatment may help reduce long-term symptoms.[10] Every VA Medical Center has PTSD specialists who can treat veterans with PTSD. Veterans can also access any of the VA's 200 specialized PTSD treatment programs after obtaining a referral. VA PTSD treatment programs include a mental health assessment, medicines if necessary, and personal and family counseling.
However, like a lot of mental illnesses, it is typically difficult to convince people to seek professional help.
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