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Originally Posted by bochnak View Post
I know this has been discussed before.

I'm installing a new head unit and can think of 3 ways of wiring it up:

1. ACC - Pros: you'll never drain the batt. Cons: I kill the motor when unloading/loading skiers. I'm sure if I go from ON > OFF > ACC the unit will probably skip a beat. There will be a ton of young kids on boat so they might turn on #2 or #3 below.

2. HOT all the time - Wire red and yellow to batt and use radio switch as ON/OFF. Cons: May drain batt if left on and kids will mess with it. Pros: Won't skip a beat.

3. Rocker ACC switch - Same as #2 above except you have a rocker switch with indicator light.

I'm leaning towards #1 since it is foolproof and there will be kids in the mix.
I have mine run like option 2. Prefer it that way. I do have a perko switch that shuts everything down except my auto bilge.

How will the kids mess with it?
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