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I'd go 1100's again. However a few tips...

1. Reinforce the locker panel that sits between the engine and the bag. When filling the surf side 100% and then the opposite side at 50-70% there is a fair amount of flex in the panel.

- the little U shaped aluminum channel that has only on screw in it needs a second screw to help it avoid spinning out of place and subsequently the bag and panel could find their way into the engine compartment.

- I plan to add more strength to the panel and the supporting structures down the road.

2. Consider that newer bags (Ronix 8.3) that may let you transfer water faster from one side to the other.

3. It is the end of year and if you can wait, you might find that newer tech and better pumps requiring bag upgrades may become avail or at a minimum a better price. I only have the proof from last winter, where there was a lot of innovation launched and I think there is a ton of room for improvement this year. Also, MC's new catalogue states 500% faster pumps... Not sure if that includes better sacs?

4. With the current bag tech, I'm considering buying a transfer pump to help with moving water around from bag to bag.
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