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Rookie Prop Question

Well....I finally hit a rock this weekend leaving the boat launch. The damage was very minimal and no vibration was present so we continued to use the boat for the rest of the day. It has been driving me nuts knowing the prop is damaged so I took it in to the MC dealer this morning to get repaired. My boat is a 1999 Sportstar with the 310hp engine, and the damaged prop was a 13x13 4 balde OJ. I have two questions regarding a spare prop.

1. Has anyone used a Solas stainless propeller? I can get a new 4 blade from a supplier of ours for $192 (retail of $386) or I can get a 4 blade (brand unknown to me-non-stainless) from the MC dealer for $349.00. My plan is to use the new prop only until the OJ gets back(less than one week) then it would only be a spare. Is this a bad idea? I have heard there is a better chance of damage to other parts of the boat with a stainless prop because it will not give as easily as brass? I plan on selling the boat and do not want to dump a lot of money in that I will not get back....but would like to use the boat in the next week.

2. Being fairly new and having never purchased a new prop, I need to know if I need a 1" or 1/18" shaft and a right or left(I think left) rotating prop. Also the only shaft taper is 1/16" so I am guessing that is standard?

Thanks in advance for your advice

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