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Question 2002 X-star Ballast Setup-Opinions Please

I recently purchased an 02 X-star. Love it so far! I did however purchase it knowing it needed a few things fixed... First of all the two pumps to the rear ballast do not work. (After a little research I discovered this was common in this year boat b/c MC installed a few of the pumps upside down, thus causing the motor to burn up in them) The pump to the center ballast doesn't seem to work to well and the bag it goes to seems worn and leaky. (It's the yellow factory bag) I would classify myself as an intermediate rider who likes to ride with a little ballast but wants room to grow. I borrowed some fat sacs from a friend a 250lb in each rear locker and a 750lb I put in the center and fill about half full using a Tsunami pump. I am wanting to get my pumps fixed soon cause the whole filling process is rather annoying when I could just flip a switch and have it done...I am considering changing up the ballast...A friend suggested I take the hard tanks out of the back and install Fly High fat sacs in the back?

Can anyone tell me the optimal ballast set up for this boat?? Also a few more questions...

1) What is a good brand of ballast pumps to replace the factory ones with?
2) What is a good brand/size replacement for the sac that goes in the ski locker?
3) Leave the hard tanks in or take them out? Pros/cons??
4) If i take the hard tanks out what size sacs do I need to get?

Any help, suggestions, or opinions will be greatly appreciated!
2002 Mastercraft X-Star, LTR 330hp
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