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Based on the evaluation crteria for this decision, I determine the following Course of Action:


1. 1983 GMC resale value is low, personal value is high = KEEP IT.
2. Need a tow vehicle
3. Mini Van = lame
4. Treat the wife right.
5. Mini van and GMC Envoy have OK resale value.

1. Wife likes the Cadi
2. Wife hates the mini van and GMC ENVOY
3. Kids are old enough to move away from min van requirements
4. If wife needs vehilce to move kids, then she takes the extended truck
5. Cadi is in OK condition.
6. Monti has low resale value, possible vehilce for kids (16) or just keep it for 10 more years, it will become a nice classic vehicle.

SELL the GMC ENVOY and the mini van, buy the extended truck, it will also assume duties as your tow vehilce. You get to keep the Cadi, and drive it when you take your wife out to dinner on Saturday Night Date Nights. You get to dump the mini van and the Envoy, they are functional, but just LAME....

1983 GMC sounds like a great restore project.

You get a newer Kick-A$$ truck to pull your MC with....

Promise to buy wife a sports car in 3 to 4 years... (a lot can change in this time you just bought)

Just my two cents worth.

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