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Originally Posted by cruiser View Post
Was the original cable 20'? If so the 19' probably has less kink and will function smoother.
Yes, the original was 20'. I don't really think there was any kind of kink, just a little extra cable behind the kick plate.

Originally Posted by mikeg205 View Post
you know the rules - no picture chronicle - did not happen
Mike, I started to take pics of the process, but didn't want to duplicate something on the forum. I can throw something together though if needed.

I was finally able to get my impeller pulled tonight. I found some long needle nose and I had one of my panels removed in my rear storage to do a little more extensive engine cleaning and to replace that steering cable. This allowed me to get down lower on the water pump and get better leverage. It was still a little difficult to slip out, but the good news is that it appeared to still be in pretty good shape. The PO said that he had not ever changed it after 4 years, so I knew it had to be done. I will slip the new one in place, in the Spring, which btw, is less than 11 weeks away.
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