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How to power the auto-bilge while at dock.

I have X-Star 2000. I leave it in the water, not on a lift (do not criticize... just sent this poor student money so I can buy a lift) at my friend's dad's house during the summer. I go out once a week usually but I usually do not see the boat in between when I go out. If it rains I have to make a trip over there to run the bilge. I am curious what recommendations you all have for me to power the auto-bilge without draining the battery so that I do not have to make special trips just to run the bilge. The ideas I have come up with that I would either like your advice on how to do it and what hardware I need OR I am also looking for more suggestions:

1. Connect the boat electrical system to the shore. What hardware do I need in order to be able to "plug" my boat into an outlet on the dock. How much (approx) would this cost?

2. Is there any solar alternative to hook into the electrical system that is reliable to keep the batteries charged.... I doubt it would be reliable.

I currently have two batteries a Group 24 & Group 27 on the boat that run through a battery switch (1, 2, ALL, OFF).
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