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Hey guys, I figure that I would start a new thread to document my winter project and take as many pictures as I can to get tips along the way. I wanted to keep it all in one place for future reference.

As you may remember I had what looks like an oil leak at the front main seal. While I'm in there and have the engine pulled, I figure that I will try and do a full check on the engine to see if anything else should get replaced. Fortunately I have a mechanic friend that is going to help me and teach me as we go. Before I get started though I have a couple of questions:

1. Is there anything that you guys would add to the list or check on while I have the engine pulled? It is a 13 year old boat with 340 hours and I would imagine it hasn't had anything done to it besides routine maintenance.

2. Also, for gaskets and other parts, will I have luck finding everything I need (or having them order) from NAPA, or should I stick with Skidim? (other sites?)

If everything works out I may end up replacing the carpet as well. Lastly, some gelcoat blemishes will get repaired and the boat is going to get a nice wetsand and polish before the Spring. Anyway, wish me luck!!
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