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Originally Posted by JerryS View Post
Be sure to grab all your baselines and other discrete values out of 6.5ng before you disconnect it from power/display.

The newer version takes zero input from the PW. I now have that version. If you ski on a river with a current, you might miss 6.5ng or the PW version of SG.

Okay so I recorded down my previous 6.5ng baselines, but PP put a "POST-IT NOTE" on my module to do the CS/CR Setting to Auto first before calibration. Guess I just drive it up to 3800-4200 RPM while that screen is open. I'm not really sure what this does, ANYONE?

Then each speed says CAL so then I'll do the calibrate. Any suggestions on over-riding or "pre-setting" these to my previous baselines?

So this latest version of SG isn't using the paddle wheel at all, except for temperature? Why wouldn't they just continue to incorporate it. Must have just been making the software too complex!!!

As for my installation, took longer than 10min. As I had to review part of the kick panel to swap out the harness wire (required on '05 MCX upgrade as ECM is already flashed). But playing with the menu, MUY BUENO, so much easier to use. Light night and day.

I'm planning to calibrate at 8am tomorrow morning with a crew and 1/2-3/4 gas and bimini on.

I still can't figure out how to get the "L" next to the skier. The only mode it appears to work in is "PRACTICE". Maybe that's because I'm still needing to calibrate first. Planning to run with two pick-ups as I've got all-buoy timing with only 8 magnets.
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