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Originally Posted by JMLVMI View Post
This is a bit harsh, but if you can afford a 2007 X2, you can afford an automatic rope release. Don't ever try to "rig something up" when it comes to safety. Take the time and money to do it's your kid we're talking about.

Yep, my point exactly

Shock tubes have a lifespan. Was observing in my buddies boat when a heavy guy who couldn't get out of the water popped the handle from 60' away and it came right at my head. If I hadn't been watching it would have been lights out. He had a shock tube on there, but it had no structure or "rigidity" left in the foam. Should be replaced every few years.
Originally Posted by scott023 View Post
No kidding. If I was afraid for my kids safety, I'd spend the 75 or 100 bucks. Don't rely on a zap strap.
thanks for the info! Mine's new, but there's no question it's a requirement now... i pulled Kyle the other day and he attached the rope to the pylon and i was like um no... we'll string it thru the tube... he said "i wont pop the handle..."

the shock tube did its job quite well when he launched the handle at us @ 32 off.
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