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First time I've heard about the idea here, but it's a marvelous one.

In the Hang Gliding community (who learned it from the sailplane community), towing has been an excellent way to get airtime for 30 years. Attach a rope to an ultralight, or a truck, or a boat, and pull the glider up to 1000' or so and then release for a flight. All of those flights have a "weak-link" in the rope, designed to break if the stress on the rope gets too high due to some unforeseen circumstance. This is the same concept; it works excellent in the aviation community, and should work just as well here.

In general, the weak links are tied using something like leech line from sailing. The breaking strength is controlled by the knot - I've known people who could reliably adjust the breaking point of a weak link in 10 pound increments depending on what knot they tied.

While your daughter is small, zip ties will work great, but you may have to raise your breaking strengths a bit when she gets into adulthood, and this would be a great way to do it.
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