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Originally Posted by cdstukey View Post
Re; Denver 93 S&S
Its a really good picture. I went and checked it out, its rough. Needs a fair amount of gel work both in the white and the metal flake from beaching and dock scuffs as well as on the safety top. some decals on the starboard and transom are missing. Never did see the back seat. Platform was lying beside the trailer and from the looks of it, doesnt know what teak oil is. Fluids looked ok, but engine compartment was a mess. LT1 w/ 1;1. And for someone who is "fanatical" about her boat it was generally pretty dirty. I think she has since dropped her price to 10K. If it would have been awesome I would have bought it on the spot, but I wouldn't go over 7.5 for it as is. Don't even get me started on the trailer...
Thank you. Precisely the impression and feeling I got from talking to her, and she was a bit shallow on knowledge but all-in-all, I feel better about my concensus.

I think it had about 1100 hours on it too. She said it was all private lake skiing but that did not blow my skirt up...

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