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Originally Posted by Tri4X2 View Post
I'm with you on Helmets... kinda weird looking but in hindsite it would have helped him. I've worked Trauma and Critical Care for years and these usually don't end well. He caught the shield has he flew over the bars is the only thing I can imagine. Funny thing is he just bought these about a month or so ago.

It always upsets me when they get close to my boat or my rider. Personally I think they go way to fast to begin with. Speed kills, but stupidity trumps all!!!
Helmets are great for closed course racing where speeds dont get up that high and contact with another ski is a certain. But hitting the water at high speed with one stands a good chance of doing more harm than good. When the water catches the bottom (or any edge) it can pluck your head off like a grape on a vine. Most Rec PWC riders dont know what 70 mph really is on a ski but I can assure you a 50 mph dismount will cure most of the go fast for a long time
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