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Something obviously is stuck in the parts that activate the drum brake. Plugged line not releasing pressure, gunked up wheel cylinder, brake shoe overextended during your heavy braking incident & got hooked up on something, these are a few possibilities. I'd start by taking off the drum (if you can) and looking around. Another option would be to open up the bleeder valve to release any pressure that may still be on the brake. Keep in mind this may render the brakes useless, so think about that before you do it. Are you able to re-bleed the system yourself, or with a buddy?

How far are you to the dealer & what do you tow with. If you are 10 miles, pulling with a 3/4 ton truck, I wouldn't worry about brakes, go slow. If you are 75 miles pulling with the family minivan on the hwy & 2 kids on board, I may think differently...
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