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Just normal used-boat items:
1. Check the steering - if it's stiff, a new steering cable will set you back a couple hundred.
2. Prop - any bending or waviness to the tips means a rebuild or new prop is in order - figure a couple hundred.
2. Gel-coat condition. Expect a few dings and small scratches. If it's through to the fiberglass, you should get it fixed - figure a couple hundred.
3. Interior condition. Vinyl degrades, and it's a couple grand to get new vinyl (and possibly a couple more to install it). Great condition interior is worth a few bucks, poor condition a few in the opposite direction.
4. Engine - run it, and have a mechanic do compression, etc. Check the engine oil and transmission oil after you run it - any signs of milkiness will be expensive. Look for water leaks on the outside of the engine after running (or while running). Same rule - if you see anything, it could be expensive to fix.
5. Trailer. Hubs should look like they've been serviced (couple hundred dollars to fix if not), tires in good shape (couple hundred if not), lights working (possibly a Saturday and lots of curse words if not), title available, no obvious rusting, brakes working (couple hundred if not), etc.
6. Bilge pump, blower, horn, fire extinguisher etc. None are expensive, but all can be an hour or two and half a hundred to fix.
7. Toys. Any extras that come with the boat are extras you don't have to buy. You'll need a set of combos for teaching friends, extra ropes, vests, a throwable, a tube for the nieces and nephews, maybe a kneeboard, a wakeboard, an easy to ride slalom.

I'd go out and see it, and if you're serious get the owner to take you to the lake and run it. If you have any concerns after the lake run, ask here and we can give you some opinions (if there's one thing this forum has, it's lots of opinions).

For my money, I'd look for a '94 or newer with fuel injection. I've had too many friends with carbs who seem to always be doing something to keep them running well. There's nothing better than dropping the boat in the water for the first time each year and having it start within a second.

1998 Maristar 200VRS

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