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I feel your pain

I'm sorry to hear this but perhaps I can help. Exactly a year ago I uncovered my X-30 after 3 years of storage outside. I had been injured and a long recovery had kept me from doing much of anything. I apparently had been in a hurry the last time I put up the boat and left the plugs in. Don't forget I said 3 years!! I uncovered the boat to find 3 feet of black swamp water and a boat full of black mold! My beautiful white interior was non existent! I managed somehow to wade into the boat and after several minutes pulled the plugs. It took over an hour just to drain. I can tell you I was physically wiped out at this point from what I saw. I had always maintained this boat to the 9's and believed all would be a little dirty as it had been in prior years.

In any event I started at removing everything from the boat, then removed all the interior. I scrubbed with every product known to man and nothing really took out the black mold and mildew. I laid all the interior out in my driveway and after 3-4 weeks the sun killed off all the mold and mildew. I had the carpet completely steam cleaned 3-4 times and it came out looking great. I was somewhat lucky to find that the water had stopped just below the air intake of the motor. Another inch and I would have had major damage!! I ended up replacing (2) batteries, the starter, the alternator, serpentine belt, and all pulleys, the perfect pass unit, and several relay's. I changed motor oil and filter 3 times and flushed the transmission 3 - 4 times as well. All in all it took several weeks of work and about $700. I did finally get it back together and the boat ran like a top.

Unfortunately, after 45 minutes on the lake I hit a large rock and destroyed the bottom of the boat and all under water drive gear!!! $10,000 worth of damage!!!!!
Im actually pulling the motor and was on the forum looking for tips and saw your post.

You'll be fine just be thorough and don't rush. Sunlight will take care of most of the mildew if you even have any.

All my best, Bobby T
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