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How much do you want to spend or what you think you will use it for mostly?

I have never used the camera part of my camcorder, BTW, Movie Maker and other software will allow you to turn any camcorder frame into a picture and I do use that often. After going through ~7 camcorders, my RCA (the home team) mini-DV CC9370 has worked well for past 5-6 years. I have had my Olympus C3000 for 4 years and have >2500 images from it, look in the C series now. It has been great, good battery life, good viewer on camera, downloads easily, easy to use but with options if you want to take special pictures and at 3.3M image has been adequate. Was$499 when I bought it. Unless one breaks, don't plan to replace either camcorder or camera for several years.

Keep in mind the pictures you see on this board have all been shrunk to 700x700 pix or less.
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