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How much grease should be on the rudder shaft when you drop it out? I'm still having steering problems with my '93 Maristar after replacing the steering cable and greasing. With the steering cable disconnected the rudder turns very free. Also, the steering is only hard under power. I dropped the rudder and the shaft had just a little grease on the bottom of the shaft and a little on top. I haven't removed the rudder box yet but running my finger inside it it feels smooth and lightly greased. That said, when I grease it with a gun, no grease ever comes out of the weep hole. Still, it makes me think the rudder is not the culprit to my hard steering. Could the box under the steering wheel ( I don't know what it's called, maybe helm? ) that you feed the steering cable into be bad? Any help would be appreciated as my wife has a hard time driving our boat right now and I would like it to be right anyways.
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