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Originally Posted by CantRepeat View Post
Can you program the hold time on the start? How long do you have press hold programmed as default start?

So default operation is one press ACC, second longer press is start, quick press is off?
To start, you hold the button down for 1.2 seconds before it cranks. This is short enough to start quickly but long enough to not start if you accidentally push the button. I can reduce as far as 0.5 sec or increase it to whatever you would want.

The starter will crank as long as you hold the button just like a key would.

It operates like this:

short button presses cycle through the key positions:

From any of those positions, a long press will START and when you release it goes to ON. A momentary button push kills the engine and it goes to ACC. That way when you kill the engine your radio does not cut-out. At that point you are back in the OFF>ACC>ON cycle and a long press will re-start.

Originally Posted by Sodar View Post
Good question!

Also, what happens if the boat does not start on the initial button push. Do you have to cycle around again through OFF-ACC- START to try to start the boat for a second time?
If it does not start when you crank it, then when you release the button it goes back to ON. At that point, you have to cycle it to OFF or ACC before you can restart. This was necessary to prevent you from being able to crank the engine if its already running.

I took a video last summer. I'll Youtube it and post a link.
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