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Originally Posted by ccjackson View Post
We have a 2016 x23 with about 70 hours on it. Bought at the end of 2015. It's my father's boat but he put me in charge of maintenance appointments, etc. since I use it the most. Wanted to get a professional detail before the 2017 season. Want to make sure I don't get ripped off. What is the price range I should expect to pay? Do most people get their boat's detailed once a year? Any recommendations for detailers at Lake Lanier (Atlanta area?)

We also just bought a Fresh Air Exhaust system for the boat. I'm not a "do it yourselfer" so prefer to have someone install for me. Any idea how much I should expect to pay to have someone install that? Thanks.
Why not just buy a good buffer, use a good carnuba way and do it yourself. It may take you a few hours to do the hull at best and if your feel up to it to do the inside real good, you could make this into a days worth of work. You will more than likely get over charged and people will try and get you to try these ceramic coatings which are not necessary. I know when I was younger I used to wax yachts at my parents marina and would charge 10-15 dollar per foot. 15 being if I went to the waterline. I was told people are charging 15-25 dollars per foot these days.

A good wax should only make you do this once a year but most on here will tell you that it needs to be multiple times.

I wax my X23 at the beginning and end of each season. I use Woodys Wax and use a Cyclo buffer. Makes life easy and you get the satisfaction of the work you put into it. In between wax's I use a good wax n dry when cleaning. This has been the formula that I have used for many years and I experience zero fading and water spots.
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