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Originally Posted by Mastercraftdave View Post
Went and drove my boat with the new updates today and it wokred pretty good. My dealer changed the bag sizes for me to 750. It filled the bags completely full and registered on the screen. The bag emptied pretty good but it didnt get it all the way out. The BIG swictched through all of the different screens good and worked all of the functions. Initial test show that the new software is working. My dealer did say that they can now piggy back the systems with the special tool that will allow them to change the revolutions of the pumps.
@Mastercraftdave o you have the 750's piggy backed or connected via the plug'n play option, and is it really working as it should? My dealer just was at a MC service training and told me that there is no update for the timer programming out yet, MC is supposedly still working on that...
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