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Originally Posted by JohnnyB View Post
What does that look like from the cab?

I plow my 600 ft and 100ft driveways, some neighbors and sometimes business lot, so certainly not a professional but do run a mini led light bar. Doesn't that get obnoxiously annoying after a while? Especially if as a pro you are pounding energy drinks all night?

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Well, when you have dumbf*@%s that won't get the hell out out of the way when you are plowing, it is mandatory. I don't recall one time I plowed over breaks that someone drove right where I was and supposedly did not "see" me.

Funniest time was when I was plowing a friend's dad's business and someone had parked their car in the lot and put a big for sale sign on it. We buried that car in a huge pile of snow and the owner called the cops to report it was stolen...classic!

BTW, Eric in not plowing empty lots but alot of commercial, high traffic areas that require high visibility.
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