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Thanks for the feedback, your truck looks great and you can never have enough lights as there is always at least one person out there who will pull into a parking lot at night and nearly hit you or those blind corners where you are pushing off the side of a building thru a driving lane....AHH the joy.

OK, I am most nervous about drilling the holes so let me focus there for second. The light housing has the outer plastic shell which will be very simple to drill thru but when the holesaw reached the inner reflective housing is there any trick? Should any of the drilling be done in reverse?
I am planning on placing the rear strobes in the backup lights and the fronts in the headlights, so should the strobe bulb placement be to the inside or outside of the existing bulb?

Next, did you run your wiring thru the frame or simply put it inside the split loom and attach it to the outside?

Next, the power supply wiring calls for an on/off switch as well as a "momentary switch" to change the flash pattern. I know these boxes all have a default setting, so if I were to solely run the on/off switch, would the set-up work or does the momentary switch have to be wired in as well. (I am thinking that I will not care what the pattern is, just so long as it is flashing)

Thanks again.
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