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Wake and Surf Boat suggestion

I have been talking to my local dealer and he is suggesting the x-25 as the best bet for me. I have tested the Tige, Centurion and Malibu boats but just can’t stand the quality after being in a Mastercraft. The Tige & Centurion made a nice surf wake but again the quality of these boats are just not there. This will be my first Mastercraft boat but want to make sure I get the right boat for us.

I live on the Colorado River AZ in the Parker Strip area ... we have clean water for about 2-3 hours in the mornings and then for about 1 hr in the evenings for wakeboarding. Then is gets very rough. We then want to start Surfing in the mid-day. The only drawback to the x-25 was the small storage area for additional ballast ? to make good surf wakes ? What is your thoughts on the x-25 for us. Has anyone been able to dial in this boat for wake surfing ?

We were going to order the boat with Plug n Play Ballast, Power tower, big engine and the norm options.
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