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88 ProStar Rear Seat Rebuild

I had two goals with this project: re-build the 25 year old rear seat and create more storage space in the boat. This generation ProStar is sorely lacking in space. Yes, there's storage in the closed bow, but it's cramped and difficult to access. For a family with two young boys, such limited storage is not acceptable.

The original seat was in rough shape. I didn't take a picture of the cushion before I began, but the vinyl was cracked, split, torn and generally falling apart. The foam in the base was pretty well thrashed as well.

The Styrofoam base had some holes in it and the wood core was rotting. I wasn't too concerned as I was going to be discarding this section of the seat.

Chalk line to mark the cut. I just used a jigsaw to cut the foam. Went smoothly. The chalk is about 6 inches from the bottom of the base.

The point of no return...

Cutting the base off, I lost a lot of structural integrity to the back and sides. I was able to recover most of it by cutting a 'U' out of 3/8" plywood. I used Liquid Nails and 1/4" dowels to glue and pin the plywood to the seat back.

I know it looks bad, and I would have preferred to buy new skins, but that wasn't in the budget. I started cutting down the seat cover and reattached it to the seat back. It looks pretty rough in this picture, but once the seat is in position, you can't really tell.

Completed seat back. A wrinkle or two, but I can live with it.

Next step, the new seat base.
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