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Originally Posted by CantRepeat View Post
I've been working on cars, motorcycles, and just about anything else you can think of for 35 years, but I still do not have a torque calibrated arm. With your time under a wrench you might get away with it and some people on here I'm sure have as well. But why risk such a catastrophic failure?

Over torque bolts = stripped threads broken bolts, under torque bolts = too loose both of which can lead to missing bolts. The user with the missing bolts and fire could very well have both those bolts in the bilge. Who knows?

Sure there are lots of things I just tighten down to what feels good to me, but in this case, fuel cells, I wouldn't trust myself nor would I recommend it to someone else.

So, teaching best practices is probably the best policy here. If someone decides they want to use that calibrated arm then so be it.
Agree.I shouldn t have recommend that.What is fine for me maybe not for someone else.
Shipping would kill me or i d send you this one.
It s a Mastercraft!
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