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Originally Posted by CantRepeat View Post
Quite possible the worst advise I have ever seen here. We're talking about the fuel cell here.

That is the last thing I would recommend on something so critical as the fuel pump housing bolts.

As posted, there is a guy that was missing two bolts for what ever reason, too loose, too tight, whatever. Now his boat is burned up.

A torque wrench is extremely cheap insurance when compared to the possibilities of what could happen.
Your opinion.
Maybe if you re not use to working with tools.I ve been fixing things forever and restore pinballs machines for a hobby.I know when tight.
But ,yes for peace of mind go ahead and buy one and torque to specs.
Don t know how many peoples have done the fuel pump job with one but it s not a must IMHO if you know how to work.

Missing bolts and torquing are 2 different things.
Keep skiing!!!
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