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Starting on one ski

I'll apologize in advance because I'm going to offer some contrary advice. I tried using an easy up or bridle rope and it just didn't work for me at all--maybe I was expecting it to be "too easy" with that device. At any rate, I felt it was actually making it harder and "in the way".

What worked for me was to make sure the ski was angled slightly away from the boat (like 11 or 1 o'clock position instead of straight up. Then as the boat begins to pull, really focus on keeping the ski pointed in that direction. Fully agree with arms straight and knees pulled up to your chest as far as possible--and hold that position as long as possible, but allow yourself to "roll forward" onto the front of the ski as you feel it start flatten out and then stand up. FWIW, I'm a new skier too. . only my second season. I have used the same technique to help my 15 year old daughter learn to get up this year, and it's working for her too.

My last "hint" is that once you get up, you'll gain confidence, but might also find that you struggle on the very next try (or outing). This has been both mine and my daughter's experience. It does take a few "up and down" days before you develop the muscle memory to stop thinking about it. . . but it'll happen!
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