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Originally Posted by [email protected]
Unique Prostars

With the POSTING of the Coca-Cola Stars and Stripes. Not that I have anything unique. I thought it would be cool if the owners of UNIQUE MC Prostars post there boats. Sorry a RED and White Prostar 190 does not count. A PROTOUR BOAT. A limited edition boat, a REVERSE color boat, something with a out of the norm powerplant or something very very unique counts. Not that I dont like or really really want a 1994 Red and White PS 190 w/ an LT-1. Just wanted to see what my be posted. I/Os count !!!

Look foward to the photos

[email protected]
Mine was a ProTour. You're not referring to me are you? You also saw the reverse color 89 I had. Do those two count?

EDIT: I'll get them posted if they are as soon as I can.
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