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Originally Posted by zsqure View Post
I realize the gasser's (unless you get the 8.1), are weak compared to the Diesels offered by the Big Three. But, man you can buy a LOT of gas for what the diesel upgrade costs. Unless you are towing 6 days a week, that is a lot of cash to lay out to step up to the big leagues. Anyone heard if there are still oil consumption problems with the 5.3?
I had a 2013 5.3 come in with 6000 miles on it that already had to have 1qt added to it at about 4500 miles. I don't know what's going on with the oil consumption on the 5.3, but it makes me almost not want one 07 and newer. Don't get me wrong I love gm and the 5.3, but they need to do something with it. I know of multiple 07+ 5.3s that use oil. I've got 3 that come in about every 25000 and need a new spark plug in #1 because its oil fouled. And I don't work at a gm dealership

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