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Or take a case and offer it to them. Accidents happen Rick. It sucks, but that's life. I'd probably feel pretty bad as well.

I had the opposite thing happen to me. I was tied up on the dock (runs parallel to the river) the Lock was open and the current was ripping. Some guy in a brand new Welcraft Scarab with a few babes pulled up and were going to tie up in front of me. He was going into the current as soon as he got into the spot he let off the throttle. The side of his boat slammed into my bow pretty good. Fortunately I was lower then him. My rub rail left a big old mark down the side of his boat. I was on the pier when it happened so I started instructing him what to do and I even tied him up. Then I checked out the boat. Mine was fine, his well it left a big mark. It was his first boat and first time out on the water. He apologized profusely, no harm no foul. Sh*t happens. Just keep it in mind Rick if someone hits you if it's really an accident. Now if their just stupid well open a can of whoop *** on em'!
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