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I am a MORON

Hit a record temp yesterday, 102, in ole Eugene OR.. Loaded up Patty and the boat and went out to a local lake here that has some nice boats moored in some different spots for an evening cruise to cool off and look at some boats...
AS we were heading to the ramp to load up and leave, I saw a real nice 40 some footer ( way too big for this lake) docked right next to the ramp down one of the docking areas... I turned around went down the "lane" of boats to look this beauty over.. I wish I could tell you what it is but suffice it to say it was a Miami vice style of boat probably worth $175,000 or so??? It looked brand new as I could no see any numbers on the Royal blue hull...
WELL. between the good old inboards lack of steering, backing and a slight wind as I was trying to turn and get out of the docking area I friggin smacked this boat right on the bow with my right rear.. I know I know, what a dumb A$$... I was in shock.. The owner was on it and he and a friend walked down the bow to see me.. After apologizing profusely, he bent over the front and I, from my boat, tried to ascertain any damage to his... Neither could find any... They actually laughed when I told them I came down to look at his boat, but I certainly didn't mean to run into it... I still feel like a jerk this morning.. Makes me want to sell my boat I am so disgusted with myself....
My boat bent my Anchor lite ( no biggie) but the fuel vent got smacked which translates into some hull damage ( big stress cracks around it in the hull).... I think I hit his bow tie on with my fuel vent...

I think the moral here is if it would have been my boat I would have killed the dumb A$$ who hit it.. These people were so cool I couldn't believe it.. Either it was alcohol or they just have too much money, but I do know alot of A$$hole rich people, so I just don't know..

Anyway I am still very upset and I think I might drive out to the marina and look the guys boat over again... I just believe in doing whats right.... Rick
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