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Originally Posted by TN X-45 View Post
Whisper - how did you rig that surfboard to your bimini??
I actually got the idea from a thread on TT a couple of years ago. I used two 3/4" single adjust side release buckle straps with an extra double adjust buckle and two rail mount hinges. I attached the single release buckles around the tower, outboard of the inner speaker mounting points, crossed the straps under the back of the surfboard and through the rail mount hinges which were mounted on the bimini support bow. Fasten the ends of the two straps together with the double adjust buckle and cinch it tight. You will also need a support for the front of the board. For that, I sewed a short piece of strap material near the front of the bimini big enough to slip the front of the board into. It has worked great for two years, especially for surfboards that are too thick to fit in the clamping racks.
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