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Need to vent a little..broke my ankle

Well I'm 39 years old been skiing for 30 years. been wakeboarding since 1994. I finally got my first boat this past July. Everything's great got dialed in slalom and my wakeboarding inverts back (after 2 year hiatus).

I broke my ankle 2 weeks ago on a basic back roll (trick I've been landing for 10 years). Cause I go TOO excited trying to show off and WAY over rotated bounced and then hit hard hyperflexing my foot breaking the Talus bone. one time I wish my boots had come off but they didn't

Now I'm boat driver but good news is my 7-year old son just landed his first wake-to-wake and he just learned in July.

Thanks for listening....
This forum is amazing with quality people.: I did not think i'd ever own an Inboard. Now I finally have a gorgeous 94 205 I am glad I have ya'll backing me up.
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