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All you really need to do is go to a ocean resort that has a ski boat and see the damage that occurs in the short time they rotate those boats out. The last one I saw was in Marco Island. They had a Supra that I went out on. I thought the boat was 4 or 5 years old due to the condition of the seats and the metal fittings. Turns out it was the second season. Now granted their season are basically 12 months, this still seems like a short rough life for a boat. I don't care how MCOCD your are you're never going to rinse all that salt off the boat or get to all the areas salt water is going to seep.

As for the trailer..... Unless it's salt water by design kiss it goodbye in a short 2-3 years without constant maintenance.

When I'm looking for a boat I refuse to look at anything that's seen any salt water or brackish water. For that same reason I tend to stay away from any boats listed from cities near the ocean. Got enough to worry about with mechanical issues let alone corrosion.
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