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Originally Posted by Monte View Post
Here is the deal. I have way too many cars. I have a 2002 GMC Envoy, a 2002 Cadi DTS, An 83 GMC Sierra 1500, and a 72 Monte Carlo. My wife has a 2006 Dodge mini-van.
The Envoy has been my tow vehicle since I bought the boat. It does fine, but is creeping up on 100kmiles. The truck will pull the boat fine, but there are not enough seats for my whole family, and it could use a freshenup of paint, belts, and gaskets. The Cadi gets about 26-28 mpg and I am always out taking pictures, getting signatures, and running general office errands. Note the GMC has some sentimental value because it was my grandfather's.

Here are what I consider to be my options.

A) Sell the Cadi, the Envoy, and the GMC. Buy a new to me 04-08 pickup with 4 doors.

B) Sell the Envoy, Keep the Cadi as a daily driver, and keep the GMC as a tow and trash vehicle (freshen the paint and engine)

C) Keep the Cadi, sell the truck and the Envoy, buy an older 2000- 2004 newer to me p/u with four doors.

4) turn the van into a tow vehicle and see how quickly I can blow the motor(kidding)
Sell them all but the caddy! While you're at it, sell the damn boat too! Tell Leah you'll buy her a sports car in 4-5 years, like maybe a BMW convertable or something like that. BUT, and this is a big BUT, she HAS to let you buy a newer model 4-door V8 truck AND the X2 that Erks got! Damnit man, how much do tags cost you every year for all them damn cars? And What about insurance too? You get rid of all the babbage, you can afford the new boat!
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