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Originally Posted by jkski View Post
I think they are going to have to wait to do any siding work. Between the rain and mud, the site is once again a mess and while they have their siding breaks set-up and covered, ready to go, temps are supposed to drop back into the 20's on Thursday with snow in the forecast for a few days. My guess is that they will see what next week brings and go from there.

The electricians got what looks to be a decent start with most of the boxes set, can lights mounted, etc. so I would think they will be pulling wire later this week.
TRUST me on this. Once all your wiring, plumbing, low voltage, HVAC, and anything else thats IN THE WALLS, is completed, Take your camera (still or video) and shoot the WHOLE house! Don't miss a spot anywhere! This can be valuable if something happens and you need to know where a certain wire or plug is that may have gotten covered up! It takes a little time. Video is actually the best method, but camera pics have saved my a$$ on more than one occasion when trying to locate a wire that I knew was there, but could not find till I looked at the pics. This saves tons of extra tear out that you might have to do in order to search.
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