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Removing Fuel from Tank

Ok, I know someone on here has a creative way to remove the fuel from the tank on their boat. I need to remove my tank and it is at least 3/4 full. I am replacing the exhaust flanges on the boat. I know that this can be done without removing the tank, but when I was inspecting the exhaust hoses, I noticed that the carpet under my fuel tank is very dirty and my MCOCD won't let me just put the panels back in place and cover it up.

I don't have a pump and if there is a way to avoid having to buy one that would be awesome. My initial idea is to push a hose through the filler hose and into the tank. then I would pour fuel into the hose and pinch it off. I would then place this hose into a gas container and "un-pinch" it to let it siphon most of the fuel out. Will this work? Any better ideas?
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