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wow I like this thread!
you all know I'm a bowtie fan so this is biased, but with experience to back it

I've run the IFS 4x4 gm trucks for 100k miles each since the inception of the IFS.
Never had a torsion bar fail, break or otherwise. Sag? Maybe they did, but no more or less than the rear leafs or any other style of OEM front drive. Ride like a car? Well, I've riden in cars when forced to, and no my truck doesn't ride like a car by any means(it might be nice if it did).

I actually don't like the rake that GM's designers like so it is really nice to be able to remove it with a few turns of the torsion adjustments when you get home to remove the dealer tag from the tailgate.

When I was a kid I had a few solid front axle 4x4 and they are easy to lift but other than that, you can have them when it comes to ride, control and offroad characteristics.

Brother is on his third f'd 4x4 2500 crew deisel
Rides like a brick, turns like my old 80's 4x4 blazer and wears the tires funny.
His current f'd is lifted and the springs, bearings and linkage has been replaced at ~100k miles
Diesels are supposed to have an advantage over the long haul (which I'd not benefit from) but the f'd trucks I know wear everything out, brakes, bearings, steering etc... looong before the powerstroke has neared it's half-life, so what's the point? just to make noise when you drive up to the ball field?

I think it's fair what someone mentioned earlier that the market isn't really centered around a real offroad truck

I always buy 4x4, (good to have it and not need it) most of us dont go spend 40k on a truck and go rockbusting with it on sunday.

I think a larger majority of truck owners, buy for appearance and appeal where group 2 would be looking for towing and hauling, and group 3 would look for liftable offroad characteristics.
Honestly, a jeep would be best for hunting Colorado but I need a crew cab HD truck to get all my crap there!!
These new supercrew f'd and z71 crews look like they are a decent length and a good trade-off (with mods) for offroad and mall-runners.
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