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Originally Posted by Barefooter92 View Post
If you put another one on how long will it last before it wears off again??

Go without, but be sure to take the starboard side off too.

More improtrantly why is this your last MC? Four new ones and your unhappy about a sticker? Must be a deeper issue here. Sorry to hear your dissapointed with MC.
Originally Posted by thatsmrmastercraft View Post
I don't think MC planned on those stickers running under the water. Note no stickers on the bottom of the hull.

I'm not disappointed from MC, I'm disappointed from my dealer.

This is the first boat I had warranty issues, (With the p&p, the upholstery and now the stickers)
My dealer told me that MC doesn't cover nothing of my claims

I think the the p&p has light indicator for a reason, and if they stop working after about 3-5 months my claim is in the proper place.
I think that if I paid so much as I paid for a MC, the upholstery should be perfect. aligned and stretched. which was not my situation, also when I compared to other 2011 boats.
And the decals, if they sold me a boat with a system that when I fill the boat with ballast and the decals when the boat is filled with stock and p&p ballast is under the water shouldn't peel after a few months, perhaps the decals was misplaced, but it's not should be my problem.

To top all that my dealer now represent Centurion as well, and no new MC was sold since he started selling this boats.

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