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Also just some tips for people doing this themselves.

-Steamer works great but throwing them in the dryer for like 2 minutes makes short work of this. I could get large flatter pieces done in no time without plastic with them really warm.

-The engine cover goes on better without plastic imho. Get it super warm since and slap it on quick!

-The "deal" of a stapler was the surebonder 9615. Was like 20 bucks on amazon with free prime shipping. I will however be sending it back. After the entire job was done the trigger went to crap and the spring was getting loose. For a 1 job project it was great and cheap. Would not buy for long term use.

-To remove staples get a precision flatblade screwdriver. You can pop them right out and grab the straglers that break apart with a pair of pliers. Removing the staples 2-3x the time of putting everything back together so don't get discouraged.

-label everything and take pictures. I took pictures of every panels back before and placed each panels parts in a seperate labeled bag. So glad I did now
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