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Originally Posted by 03geetee View Post
Thanks buddy I appreciate the information. Quick question you may have the answer....

I drive the truck with OD switched off for any driving under 55mph. If I do not the tranny will lock the convertor so tight that when I let of the gas and coast a second or two when I reapply some gas the driveline clunks constantly. On the highway in OD I have no issues, but at slow speeds the truck just bucks and clunks because the convertor isnt unlocking when its supposed too.

Any ideas? Other than that I have had ZERO issues with this truck and I love that!

How many miles on truck? Does it do this towing or normal driving? Does the truck actually buck or do you Just hear noises. There has been some early driveshaft ujoint wearing on both front and rear causing clunking noises. Nothing comes to mind that specifically describes your symptoms other that TCM/ valve body solenoids might be sticking.
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