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Originally Posted by lfarris87 View Post
Hello and thanks for taking the time to read this topic.

My buddy has a 2005 Xstar. And for a few weeks it has been doing this thing where when the perfect pass takes over it would do a very small surge of speed, then back to normal... then wwaaa... like a half a mile an hour tug... then back to normal for like 5 seconds then waaa... small tug...
Then the other day we were riding then it just stopped... You can put it in gear and idle but when you try to accelerate nothing happens... makes no difference wether the pp is on or not.... And also after you start it up an alarm goes off forever unless you flip the toggle switch that is below the key...

Has anyone had a problem like this? And if so... How can i fix it?

Thanks for your help!
Logan Farris
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Make sure prefect pass is OFF Double check the link from the throttle body assembly

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