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I have same boat 2004 X30. We surf goofy and this is what works well for us. 750 starboard rear full. KGB and IBS bow sac full. Then we 3/4 fill another 750 on the floor behind the driver. Definitely took a while to find the right combination and if one person in the boat moves it can screw the wave up. Definitely a pet peeve of mine when passengers move after we start surfing. Able to go ropeless but make a slight turn to starboard if I notice the rider falling too far back and then they can pop back up close easily with a few pumps. That turn gives a little more push.
I too like the cleaner look but found these decals to be kind of unique and in good shape so keeping them for at least another year. Then probably go more like prostars. His is a great looking boat.

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