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Originally Posted by mgorczak1 View Post
Correct - but it allows US courts to enforce the treaty in our land... It's not that the U.N. or other country can prosecute anyone...but DC could use this treaty as an method.

There are many reviews of this issue...but it opens to many doors..of possible obligated behavior as opposed constitutional enforcement.

This is a good read...

There are many more...

This one discusses how treaties are implemented by domestic law. It's not the first time the 2nd amendment has come under fire...this just gives our congress more ammunition (pun intended and more coming) to take another shot at our freedoms.

Can a treaty supersede our constitution? No... but domestic implementation can place treaty items into the law of our land which is enforceable in our land.

Let's not the USA Patriot Act which was passed to protect us. Many people much smarter than me still believe there is the ability for government privacy violation overreach allowed in the law. It's the baby steps of taking away our freedoms that I fear.
A treaty can't literally supercede the Constitution but, as added after my original post, if the US enters into a treaty, it becomes part of the Law of The Land.

The best thing people can do is know what can and can't be used against them.
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