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I know there were questions regarding using RV anti-freeze, regular anti-freeze or just plain water. I elected to use RV stuff but drain it out afterwards. Rather be safe than sorry for my first run! I tried to take the raw water intake hose off just at the base but couldn't get it free so I elected to disconnect just after the heat exchanger (I think that's what is was) and then bent this into a bucket. I started with about 3 gallons and started the engine. Then I quickly squeezed in 3 more gallons and let everything suck into the cooling system.
One note, be sure that the engine is fully warm or the t-stat may not open yet and let the coolant into all of the areas. I didn't get mine all the way heated up so I don't think the anti-freeze made it into the block.

- Jeff

1994 205, LT1
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