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Originally Posted by 95 PS190 View Post
Ok so first post on here, we recently bought a new to us 1995 Mastercraft ProStar 190 and its our second mastercraft after selling our 96 ps190 several years ago. The boat is nice and has new upholstery and a solid engine but only the two MPH gauges and the Volt meter gauge work at all. The fuel, oil pressure, and rpm gauge basically do nothing, and the blower and bilge do not work at all either. We are basically looking to replace all of the gauges, blower, and bilge pump and I was wondering where the best place to order all of the parts is?? Have never bought parts for it... Once I replace everything I'll check out all of the wiring and see why nothing is working. Thank you!!
Welcome, your logic seems backwards to me, if it's me I would check out the wiring first before condeming all gauges, blower motors etc. are bad, which would be a huge a coincidence.
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